Inclusion for Progress

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Committed to gender balance
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We are requiring gender equality in recruitment processes. For each senior position (Global Leadership Network, aka GLN), they will now be at least one man and one woman among the shortlisted applicants.

For stronger accountability, Diversity in teams, and in particular, gender balance, is now a shared goal for AXA’s Entities’ CEOs.

Local targets for women representation at executive committee and executive level have also been defined.

Gender Pay Gap must not be confused with Fair Pay which is the difference between the pay of two employees carrying out the same role and for which pay is consistent and free from discrimination or irrelevant personal factors such as age, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, marital status, or disability. Many of our entities have progressed towards or reached pay equity, and our assessment of the current potential fair pay gap is on average at 2% globally. AXA is committed to removing all unjustified pay gaps, whereby entities are annually monitoring and addressing it with dedicated budgets where need be, to reach full pay equity across all geographies by the end of 2023 at the latest. Furthermore, standards and processes are strengthened to ensure gaps are not created in the future.

* The current Group Gender Gap on total compensation is assessed at 32% (25% in median).

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AXA's Women in Insurance Initiative
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Addressing women in the market

As part of the Group’s business strategy from “Payer-to-Partner”, a specific initiative "Women in Insurance" has been launched in September 2016 globally to reach to the immense women market segment for insurance, offering value-added solutions, with a strong focus on prevention and well-being.